[Now on-demand] How to Leverage M&A as a Strategic Growth Lever?



Banking and Financial services are the hardest to disrupt in the market than anything else as it involves the element of trust and it takes time to build. In the Asian market, SuperApps has been spearheading in providing financial products to the last mile. Many such companies started off as a messaging network or a ride-hailing app and then added a payment platform to transact at almost any of the platforms like e-commerce, entertainment, mobility solutions, etc. This stickiness has given rise to cross-selling of various financial products to the customers like insurance, investments or credit lines. 

Prominent Players in the Region:

Prominent Players in the Region

Inorganic Opportunities with Early-stage startups:

Bundling all the services and providing it to the customers on the platform takes a lot of integrations with the third-party players. And wherever there is a high demand for services, the company intends to build or buy the product and provide the service from their end. This is the initiation of inorganic growth opportunities for most of the SuperApp companies in Asia. 

Let us take a look at some of the acquisitions of early-stage startups by the top players in the region

acquisitions of early stage startups

Factors making micro-acquisitions attractive for corporates and High-Growth Startups 

Micro-acquisitions attractive for corporates and High-Growth Startups

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