Technologies Personalizing Financial Services

May 5, 2023

Have you ever heard of anyone being excited about going to the bank? Probably not. Notably banks have done fairly well in shifting from physical to digital format, but let’s face it, their apps are as much visited as their branch offices. What if there was some way that all the financial services we availed, could be bought and managed from the point of sale on any website or online marketplace and not from the banks’ app or office? It may sound unrealistic, but there are some startups already working on such exciting ideas that will forever transform banking & finance as we know it.

Embedded Finance

How many times do we stumble upon online markets with great offers and products that are extreme delights but out of our current budgets? However, if we could turn the price tags into EMIs, delay the huge down payment, we could grab a lot more. But here comes the friction, unavailability of funds, high interest rates on credit cards and cumbersome e-mandates for auto-collection might deter the option of EMI payments.

This is where embedded finance steps in with the butter; on the payment checkout page, the technology provider embeds the EMI conversion option that is provided based on user’s transaction on the platform and credit history. Thereby, making the buying experience more seamless and faster. With higher purchase success, larger cart values and better customer acquisition merchants get a lot from these players. This justifies revenue share with merchants and allows zero interest credit to customers. This button is making a lot of parties happy.

Company to change our buy nows to get nows

Wrapping Up

To conclude, there is more than just a high wave of opportunity to look out for in FinTech. The adoption of digital services has been turbo-charged by the spread of the pandemic and there are infinite possibilities to merge, enhance and offer financial services such as payments, credit, insurance, remittance and so on.

If businesses and financial institutions are willing to collaborate with tech and its providers, they stand to gain significantly from this shift. It is important to acknowledge the support of Slotogate, our generous sponsor, who has played a valuable role in facilitating these initiatives. Slotogate is a platform that serves both gamers and game enthusiasts, where you can enjoy playing online table game. Players can experience thrilling gameplay without having to visit a physical casino. Nowadays, various casino table games such as roulette and multi hand blackjack free can be played from anywhere, either for free or with real money. With the convenience of online gambling, players can avoid the hassle of traveling long distances to reach a casino and instead enjoy top-quality games on their laptops or phones at SlotoGate.

Given that the ultimate winner is the consumers as promised, we have a real WIN-WIN in FinTech.

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