From Series A to Global Listed

We Source ‘Ready To Transact’ Deals For All

We deliver only what matters!

Accurate Data

No Conflict of Interest

Continuous Pipeline

To Sell

Visibility Into Small/ Mid-Size Assets

Your Flexible Growth Partner

Fractional Corp Dev Partner

For teams without corporate development capabilities.

Comprehensive, Reliable Deal Sourcing Partner

For all organisations.

End-To-End Inorganic Growth Partner

For organisations that need help with strategy, sourcing & deal execution.

We are not your ‘Traditional’ Investment Bankers

What makes us different?

Map Requirements

We map your detailed requirements* to the datasets, search patterns & inputs for our proprietary AI models. This helps build a large funnel for further screening. We don’t miss any options.

* Details like use cases, growth parameters, team competencies, etc.

Qualify & Introduce

Our sector analysts thoroughly screen these options, connect to & speak with the target founders. They also gather private intelligence and gauge the founder’s intent to sell. We ensure that only ‘Ready to Transact’ candidates are presented to you.

Discreet & Confidential

We protect your identity during outreach & conduct the entire process in a discreet manner. We introduce the candidates to you only after your review & approval.


From market and revenue multiples, deal structures, offer negotiations to facilitating due diligence, we work with you to ensure a successful transaction.

Our Industry Leading Buy-side Solutions!

Get a curated & continuous pipeline of target recommendations that are ‘Ready to Transact’.
Subscription based ‘Deal Sourcing’ is our standard engagement model. We can also provide ‘Transaction Support’ for discerning customers. Know More
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Data x Technology ^ Analysts = Your M&A Pipeline

We are actively supporting following growth strategies :

We are not your ‘Traditional’ Investment Bankers

Investment bankers

Bankers generally don’t touch small deals

Unlike most bankers, a majority of our targets are not running a formal sale process

Unlike most bankers we are only focused on the buy side

A proprietary data and sourcing team allows us to deliver larger quality pipeline much faster


We do comprehensive scan of the entire market in your target area

We leverage our proprietary data + tech platform (1.4M+ companies)

We have large team of Analysts focused on tech/tech enabled sectors

We bring only 'Ready to Transact' profiles to buyers, build their M&A pipeline, and help them close a deal


They act as a ‘one solution for all’ business

They tag business in a very generic way (eg. FinTech companies are tagged as Information Technology companies whereas we go down to ‘education loan’ as a use case)

They don’t cover private data on companies

Buyers need to hire resources to find companies, get their promoters contact details, and then speak with the sellers to gauge the interest; which is time taking and need multiple resources to do it effectively

Let us be your trusted
Inorganic partner


What is the process behind your product recommendations and services?

What is the value proposition of your offerings?

What is your pricing structure for this service?

What level of support do you provide beyond recommendations?

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