Get Personalised Recommendations

for Strategic Investments

Using our data and advanced algorithm-driven platform, we provide customised recommendations for corporates and late-stage startups to identify the most promising startups for their strategic investments. Our platform streamlines the investment process by facilitating easy connectivity with startups that match your investment criteria. We help you make informed investment decisions and achieve your desired outcomes.

Strategic Investment is ideal when

You want to expand into new markets or new geographies

You want access to the latest technologies and IPs

You want to diversify your portfolio & mitigate risks

You want to collaborate between complementing your products or services

You want to accelerate your product roadmap by acquiring the right ‘building blocks

Why partner with us to achieve growth and expansion?

Customised Recommendations

GrowthPal offers customised recommendations for your strategic investment requirements across use cases and geographies.

Your Security, Our Priority

We take all necessary measures to ensure your data is secure and treated with the utmost discretion. Our team of experts is committed to maintaining absolute confidentiality throughout the entire process, from the initial consultation to the final stages of the investment process.

High Level of Accuracy

Our software is designed to define search criteria based on the specific purpose of the investment, whether it be for business acquisitions, acquihires, strategic investment, strategic partnership, or financial investment. With our AI-driven platform, the recommendations you receive are personalised to your unique investment requirements.

Efficient Investment Solutions

We proudly offer our clients timely and efficient results. Starting in two weeks, you'll receive the best-matched recommendations for your strategic investment. And when you're ready to move forward, our experienced investment banking team is here to help structure and close deals quickly and efficiently.

Comprehensive Startup Scanning

We conduct an extensive scan of the entire early-stage startup universe using our comprehensive database and market signals. Our analysis includes detailed data on the company, sector, business models, offerings, markets, teams, funding, and growth, to enable faster decision making.

Intelligent Recommendation Engine

Personalised Strategic and Investment Recommendations:
Obtain personalised strategic and investment recommendations with an 80% accuracy rate, delivered starting in just two weeks.

Sector-focused and goal-driven

We are sector agnostic but have head-start in these sectors

IT Services &




Cyber Security

Product Engineering

Data Transformation






Digital Marketing



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