Programmatic M&A: How to win in the new normal?

How to successfully source targets & build your M&A pipeline to execute a series of deals for your organization’s growth?

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How lots of small M&A deals add up to big value!

Latest research from McKinsey confirms that companies that regularly and systematically pursue moderately sized M&A deliver better shareholder returns than companies that don’t. A programmatic approach won’t work if you don’t define the program and don’t treat M&A as an enduring capability rather than a project or occasional event. Here at GrowthPal, as business and technology M&A advisors we understand the need to stay ahead in the competition using organic & inorganic growth strategies and while the world is moving ahead, we have adopted a well proven Programmatic M&A strategy to build your M&A pipeline to provide you with the much required fuel.

“Programmatic M&A is not about meeting a deal quota in a given time period but rather about building a business or capability through a series of deals—maybe combined with some organic business builds—to create something new and substantial.” Says a Senior Director from McKinsey & Co, San Francisco.

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The World of Programmatic M&A

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