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Every startup has the potential to make a meaningful impact on the world, and we are committed to helping these businesses realise their full potential in their growth journey. Our mission is to empower startups with the resources and opportunities to succeed, from strategic investment to acquisition opportunities. We are dedicated to nurturing the growth and development of startups in all sectors. Our proprietary deal origination platform is designed to offer intelligent insights and analysis of fintech startups, SaaS startups, IT services startups, D2C startups, and new-age businesses from other sectors.

In addition, with our extensive network of corporate and late-stage startup partners, we help startups access a wide range of valuable opportunities and resources to achieve their full potential.

How can we help
you grow?

Access to Exit Opportunities

Connect with corporates & late-stage startups from the US, India & other geographies who may be interested in your product, technology, customers, teams & markets.

Close deals faster

Save time with the help of our personalised recommendations software for your specific requirements and close deals faster.

Access to Investors

Network with like-minded strategic and financial investors who may be interested in your business idea and would like to invest in you and potentially acquire in future.

Complete solution provider

We offer end-to-end solutions, including valuation, negotiation and paperwork for a successful closure.

Unlock new strategic investment opportunities

Our platform is designed to connect you with a diverse range of companies looking for strategic investments that can help you expand your business, gain access to new markets, customers, and locations, and, ultimately, help you grow. Our dedicated team works hard to match you with the right partners based on your unique requirements and objectives.

Intelligent Recommendation Engine

Personalised Strategic and Investment Recommendations:
Obtain personalised strategic and investment recommendations with an 80% accuracy rate, delivered starting in just two weeks.

Sector-focused and goal-driven

We are sector agnostic but have head-start in these sectors

IT Services &




Cyber Security

Product Engineering

Data Transformation






Digital Marketing



Startup Vault


When is the right time to exit your startup?

Navigate the delicate decision of exiting your startup with confidence. Explore key indicators, tips, and insights in our guide for founders.

IT Services

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