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Our mission

To provide our customers with an intelligent

To provide our customers with an intelligent M&A deal sourcing platform for their inorganic growth by leveraging, data, patterns and insights.

Our vision

To accelerate inorganic growth

To accelerate inorganic growth for small to midsize transactions with a global tech platform for our customers and thus become their trusted Inorganic Growth partner. Each founder should be able to find a new home for their team/product/business if they are not able to scale on their own.

Our Story

Meet Maneesh Bhandari, the Co-founder and CEO of GrowthPal. With a wealth of experience as an M&A Head at a large enterprise, ex-startup founder with successful exit and an angel investor, Maneesh has witnessed the entire wagonwheel of the M&A ecosystem firsthand.

In his lustrous career, he identified major gaps in M&A deal sourcing that were mainly due to:

  • Lack of a reliable startup database with advanced intelligence,
  • Corp Dev / M&A team's limited bandwidth to source quality targets,
  • Lack of technology-driven platforms to source companies outside of your network,
  • Investment bankers' vested interest in pushing sell-side mandates rather than finding targets per the buy-side's requirements.

This is where Maneesh, along with Yash and Shalu, decided to start GrowthPal and build a data-driven technology platform for corporates, high-growth and late-stage startups to help them find relevant and off-market targets that may be outside their network from the entire universe.

At GrowthPal, we are dedicated to cultivating a qualified M&A pipeline for our customers through our innovative and data-driven approach. We are committed to becoming the go-to partner for companies seeking reliable and actionable intelligence for small to mid acquisitions, acquihire or strategic investments.

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Maneesh Bhandari

Co-founder & CEO

Active Angel Investor
Ex-Founder, SENA (KPMG USA)
Persistent M&A, IIMA CIIE

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Shalu Mitruka

Co-founder & CBO

ex-Deloitte, Mindtickle

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Yash Gandhi

Co-founder & CTO

ex-Helpshift, Entrepreneur
BITS Pilani
Purdue University, USA

Meet the team

committed to your success!

Aashish Deswal

Global M&A Head

ex-Goldman Sachs, EOS Capital

Gopal Agrawal

Marketing Head

ex-Pratiti, Powersolv
MIT, Symbiosis

Chinmay Buzruk

Product Head

University of Florida

Our Board Of Advisors

We are always on the
lookout for passionate
innovators to join our team

Maneesh Bhandari

Co-founder & CEO

Ex-Citi, SENA (KPMG USA) Persistent M&A, IIMA CIIE Active Angel Investor

Maneesh Bhandari

Co-founder & CEO

Ex-Citi, SENA (KPMG USA) Persistent M&A, IIMA CIIE Active Angel Investor

A techie at heart but driven by the passion to build highly scalable businesses, Maneesh has grown and lived through entrepreneurial journey - being an intrapreneur at Citigroup, starting and running his first venture for 10 years, then being a very active investor with board positions, and now GrowthPal. He has had global experience over the past 30 years across sectors and various sizes/stages of companies.

He has passion to teach - has engaged with IIM Ahmedabad, IIM Kolkata, SIBM, IIT Kharagpur, New Jersey Institute of Technology, etc.

He holds a B.Tech degree from IIT Kharagpur and an MBA from NYU’s Stern School of Business.