At a Glance

One of the leading international media companies based in Germany wanted to expand its footprint in the US. With 1000+ employees across 3 continents, they realized that they needed inorganic growth and revenue to take themselves into the next orbit. As their in-house Corp Dev team had limited bandwidth, - reserved mainly for European markets, they partnered with GrowthPal to source ‘Ready to Transact’ deals to test the waters instead of hiring a dedicated Investment Banker in the US or expanding their in-house team.



Inorganic Goal


Geographic Expansion




Extended Corp Dev Partner

Problem statement

“Our Corp Dev team has limited bandwidth. We want to acquire in the US but don’t want to hire an investment banker. We tried US databases for sourcing, but the information is not accurate or updated. How can you help?”

The buy-side customer had a lean Corp Dev team who largely focused on European acquisitions and strategic investments. They wanted to foray into another sub-sector for acquisitions in which the team had very little experience. Also, new geography meant they were counting on their European databases to source US companies. They could find only a handful of companies in their databases and most of these companies had incomplete or missing details. 

They had also conversed with a few local US Investment Bankers but found them to be outside of their budget for the initial screening. With no reliable databases and no Investment Bankers to bank on, how do you then build a qualified pipeline?

The Solution

The Customer’s briefing on their challenges was music to our ears as those were the exact pain points that we are trying to address here at GrowthPal.

Within just 2 weeks of understanding the customer’s acquisition requirement, the GrowthPal team started shortlisting, screening, and qualifying potential targets for acquisition. Our team created a top funnel of US-based sell-side companies from our internal rich database of 2Mn+ companies.

Once we identified all the matching companies from the US, our analyst team reached out to these, to gauge Founder’s intent and validate the information directly from their leadership as a part of our proven curation process that yields high-quality ‘Ready to Transact’ leads.

We are continually building a rich pipeline of ‘Ready to Transact’ targets for our customers.


The engagement started as a pilot where we committed a certain number of leads to the customer but ended up delivering 2x targets. Impressed by our willingness to ensure their success, they have recently signed a full-year contract with the GrowthPal team.


Increase in qualified targets in M&A Pipeline



Decrease in Sourcing & Screening Time



Extended Corp Dev Partner

About GrowthPal

Deal Sorcery = (Data x Technology) ^ Analysts

Presenting GrowthPal : Pipeline of ‘Qualified Deal Recommendations’ starting in just 2 weeks


RICH Intelligence collated & verified from multiple sources.



RIGHT needle for each mandate from 2million+ companies



Curated and qualified by Analysts as READY to TRANSACT

GrowthPal’s unique platform helps customers find the right needle in the M&A haystack quickly.

Customers start getting an M&A pipeline of accurate and ready-to-transact options starting in just 2 weeks of placing specific buy-side mandates. Enabled by proprietary screening algorithms, working on multi-source data of more than 2 million startups globally and a large qualified team of analysts and sector experts, GrowthPal strives to disrupt M&A deal sourcing.