6 - 7 PM IST , 8:30 - 9:30 AM EST

Accelerated Growth Frameworks for Market Leadership

Rajesh Jain

Founder & MD, Netcore Cloud

Maneesh Bhandari

Co-founder & CEO, GrowthPal

Unlock Your Business Potential: Join our webinar on accelerated growth strategies with Mr. Rajesh Jain, Founder at Netcore. Learn from a pioneer of Asia's dot-com revolution and discover the power of both organic and inorganic growth. Gain insights from Netcore's journey as they successfully bootstrapped a $100 Million ARR SaaS Proficorn. Don't miss out on this opportunity for accelerated success!

Key Highlights

  • Exploring growth frameworks: Organic vs. Inorganic strategies for companies in India, Emerging Markets, USA, or Europe.
  • Netcore's invaluable insights: Lessons learned from small tuck-in acquisitions to large-scale acquisitions.
  • Financing M&A deals: Navigating the complexities of reinvesting profits vs. securing funding for successful mergers and acquisitions.

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